Inorganic Synthesis and Environmental Protection Department

Manager: Barbara Cichy, Associated Prof.
Phone: +48 32 231 30 51 (ext. 182)

Deputy of manager: Ewa Kużdżał, M.Sc.
Phone: +48 32 231 30 51 (ext. 270)


The research and analytical service:
  • Thermal analysis of chemical compounds, raw materials, plastics
    • Measurement methods:
      • thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA),
      • differential thermal analysis (DTA),
      • differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
    • Potential areas of application:
      • determination of the heat reaction (egzo- or endothermic),
      • determination of specific heat,
      • determination of phase transitions heat (melting, crystallization, evaporation),
      • studies on polymorphic transformations,
      • studies on the thermal stability of substances,
      • analysis of composition and preliminary identification of the substances
  • Analysis of substances and mixtures causing metal corrosion according to CLP regulation,
  • Analysis  of grain size and shape (crystals) by method of optical microscopy using Axio Imager
  • and Axioskop 2 microscopes in the transmitted or reflected light,
  • Analysis of the specific surface area by one-point and multi-point Langmuir isotherm BET (using Micrometics Gemini VII l 2390A Analyzer)